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Originally posted by rinansano:
Over 9 years as a power seller, I can say Ebays own image hosting site, has gone down. Used to do it pretty often, they didn't refund any lost fees as I recall. Most of my auctions end with the items sold so they couldn't be relisted, and the monetary loss would be hard to determine. Auctiva, while it has gone down a handful of times over the 3 years that I have used it, has saved me thousands in picture fees, where else can you get 24 pics per auction for free? It's frustrating, but I am more disgusted with all of Ebays new policies than I could ever be with Auctiva.I will still use Auctiva, nothing is perfect 100% of the time.

And with ebays new policys, Any problem can cause Seller's DSR's to drop. Weither we pay for the service or not. Auctiva makes money money on us using there servies. We may not pay them but someone is.

Nothing runs right all the time. Agreed. With ebay changin there java scripts on a whim it has to be hard to keep up with the patches and fixes.

I just dont want to keep seeing people say hey it's free. Nothing is free.

Auctiva makes my listing easy. thats why i use it. Now that I list everything thru them I need it to work. I've have to open 3 tickets in the last 30 day. Thats allot. I havn't had to contact ebay in over 6 months so here is a problem here.

Just becase there TOU or TOS says they say there not responsible doesn't make it so. Most of all website's TOS and TOU would not hold up in court. It's just a matter if you have enought money to fight with them. Im not saying I want to go that route but as a Auctiva customer I expect a certain level of quality performances. And since Auctivas services involve real cash trasactions they are responsible and can be held responsible. Any business that makes money on providing a service is liable wither there TOU says so or not.
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