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Originally posted by Color Me New Resale:
Easy Street--Complaining is not the problem, it is the things being said in the complaints. I can't help but laugh. As for my comments being ignorant according to you, you yourself stated you benefit from using auctiva--but I bet you don't spend equal amount of hours posting abou how great the service is when it works for you and the amount of hours and money you saved by using it. Of course not! XOXO

And if Auctiiva was to sned me an email asking for feedback... Yes I would say "Thanks for the services. I save allot of time and money" I would also say "Yes.. I wold gladly pay to to improve this service."

But it's not my job to or have I been asked for my feedback or opinons.

I am sorry may I should have said "unproductive" instead of "Ignorant". But both work when you "ignore" the situation to imput unproductive staements instead of discussing.

I always wonder why a person has to register a new account and make it personal unless there someway affiliated with the site or is really just that misserable that they feel they need to share there lissery pupon others.

thanks for your input :OD
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