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Have the Insurance Rates been updated??

Hello everyone, Cool

it's been a while since i've posted so i hope all are doing well and selling LOTS!!! Big Grin

QUESTION: i checked the insurance rates via auctiva under the FAQS section to see if they have been updated since the usps decided to hork everyone with this recent rate increase.....and funny thing is, i've noticed their service ummm, "stinks" lately to put it politely, and it simply amazes me they're raising rates again.

I could easily, and would love to go on a nice "rant" of their horrid service and my many calls to the local post master earlier today, but i

anyway, i checked with the usps and the insurance rates have gone up (surprise), but what will the NEW rates with auctiva (upic) be? i'm sure i've just missed the posting about it in my sheer laziness of "searching" the forums....but i've a wedding to plan right now and i've googled my last detail, so kindly make it easy for me and just tell me.... Wink

thanks and i wish everyone tons 'o sales!

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