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Reply to "Have the Insurance Rates been updated??"

Really biscuit?! That would be surprising as the USPS insurance rates jumped from $1.35 to $1.65 ($50) and an additional .40 each increment thereafter.

That would be GREAT if Auctiva/U-Pic didn't raise their rates! Then we would make a lot more on insurance kickbacks - from .05 up to .60 for the $50 interval and so on.

I would imagine that it's "coming" (the rate hikes that is)....but I'd just like to know when. Especially if I'm doing re-lists via feebay and inputing the insurance rates in myself; I'd hate to continue putting in the $1.30 amount only have it be higher once people go to check out!

I would think that if/when they do go up, the checkout process will show the most current rates....I'm just preparing for that "wonderful" ebayer who will cry that I misquoted them in the listing and "complain" of false advertising or changing the rates on them once they go to check out! We all know how "wonderful" it is to have that "stickler" of an ebayer who wants their $100 item for .50!!! Mad LOL

Thanks for the reply though!

Kathleen Cool
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