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Reply to "How do I boost sales in my ebay store?"

Hi, I'm going to give you a few tips so please don't take it the wrong way.

First I want to say that things on Ebay are really slow for just about everyone including auctions unless your selling unquie items.

First, you need more listings. They suggest at least 100 listings to make a store profitable. The more items you have the better chance you have something someone will want.

Next, even with a store you HAVE to run auctions to bring in traffic to your store. Stores items do not come up in searches unless there is less then 30 items in that search or unless a buyer has chosen to search store.

It is important to have a button or a link in all your listings that say something like "See more Great Items in My Store". ALOT of buyers are not even aware there is such a thing as Ebay stores so its important to get that link in there. I've found right below the description but before the payment/shipping info works best.

also I would take this sentence out of your listings "I highly recomend buying insurance, as I can not be responsible for lost or damaged items in shipping. " In all reality we (the sellers) are completly responsible for getting the item to the customer. If it isn't received, they can do a chargeback thru paypal and will win every time. You can say something, Like Insurance is recommend and always a option or you can make it manatory on some items.

Lastly, your pics of the jewelry need some work, they are great pictures however it says silver and they look gold. There is a secert to taking good pics of jewelry however I don't know it. I do know that you take pics of silver on black and gold on white so you got that right. There are some good sites on taking pics of jewelry just google it.

Bottom line, Fix the pics people want to see exactly what it looks like if it says silver they want to see silver. Get more listed, and run a few auctions with links to your store every week.

Also you might want to go to the ebay store forum, there are wonderful people there that know much more then I do and are very helpful.
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