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Reply to "How do I boost sales in my ebay store?"


Things are slow for every one right now. Hopefully they will pick up soon. I have never had a store, just use auctions.

I can offer some advice because all I sell is jewelry, but please do not take this the wrong way, it is meant to help you.

I would make each first letter of your title a capital letter, or do the whole sentance in caps. Also try a different title. For example this auction. 8925150417 try something like BEAUTIFUL MOTHERS DAY GIFT CZ SPARKLING PENDANT !!

and this one 8925150570 say something like STUNNING 8mm LEMON Cubic Zirconia Pendant

I dont know what size it is ?? I just made a size up, this is just some ideas for you.

Also you need more pictures at least 4, take the shots from different angles, try using a macro setting on your camera for clear close ups. Silver jewelry is the hardest to capture on camera. I use normal daylight with a white background, you just need to experiment with your camera. The picture sells the item.

The red writing on the blue background is really hard on the eyes, and does not work, try a different color font.

I would not put the word silver tone in every title. You can mention it is silver tone once they look at your description. There is so much competion on ebay, so you need your store to look professional and eye catching, so that people will want to look at what else you might have for sale. Hope it helps you, good luck,

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