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Reply to "How do I boost sales in my ebay store?"

EBAY is going into it's slow sales months. I don't know if you want to expend the fifteen dollars a month until before school starts.

I would take every bit of advice that's given and work on a website that will begin feeding you independent sales from ebay and/or feed to your ebay sales.

If you can afford to take the summer off and work on a website, do it. Then somewhere mid August reopen your store. Have your logo ready and the store designed ready to go and you'll be Good To Go!

Auctions feed the eBay stores. It's a fact and you'll have to have both up.

I believe that eBay is revamping and trying to thin the stores on it's site to make room for something else. eBay express? Who knows? I do agree with Rick and the site just looks cheesy.

And all the great advice here was given with your best interests in mind.

Good Luck,
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