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Reply to "How do I boost sales in my ebay store?"

Originally posted by carolelliott:
Silver jewelry is the hardest to capture on camera. I use normal daylight with a white background, you just need to experiment with your camera. The picture sells the item.

youre right, silver is one of the hardest things to photo. it took me quite a long time to get it down and even still i have bad pics from time to time.

the ONLY thing that worked for me was a camera with a manual white balance setting (one where you have the camera take a reading). And even then you have to watch about reflections of colors.

another fun aspect of silver is that the reflective surface makes it tough for autofocus to lock-in.

blues and greens are another tough one to photo. Again, due to white balance and lighting. Some lights add yellow to your image, some add blue. either way it messes with your greens and blues.
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