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Reply to "How do I boost sales in my ebay store?"

Originally posted by betty122243:
Smile I have written a few times about my horrible experience with A very professional Team Leader from there helped me--it was solved within minutes, and, he expressed much sorrow and frustrations over how I had been treated. BETTYSCLOTHESLINENEW2U.COM to see my eBay listings. Now, I can concentrate on listing. Smile

Glad to hear you got Godaddy taken care of...that's one thing off the checklist.
Plus, you have the URL forwarded to your eBay sales...GOOD! That's double exposure. need to get work on your Me page with eBay. The more pages you have up and running the more search engines will search you out.

If you're a store owner it's important use all the pages given to you. More pages to be picked up by search engines. I have contact Suthrnjewl page made. Frequently Asked Questions and Store Policies. I shouldn't be talking I believe I get 2 more pages allotted to me and I don't have those done yet.

I'll be back later. It's a beautiful day and I want to get outta here!

Oh Betty..I meant to mention this..perhaps think on changing your ebay ID to an easier name to remember than betty with alot of numbers behind it. If BettysClothesLine is available..snatch it up and convert your ID and it will help you to be remembered alot easier than numbers behind your name.

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