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Reply to "How do I boost sales in my ebay store?"

Don't you sell yourself short or your auctions.
Honest! Your auctions look just fine and your pics are crisp, they do not look suckie! <smile>

I purchased some earrings from you and have had so many compliments on them. I'm constantly teasingly fighting with my teen-aged daughter for one of the pairs specifically. Every time we have a tug of war <smile> I always try to make a mental note to come back and order another couple of pairs for her. (So sorry I haven't done it)

It's always best to branch out and never keep all your eggs in one basket. That basket can break at anytime and there go your eggs crashing to the ground.

Spread yourself out and everywhere.

Open a free ecrater store. Perhaps just put a few auctions up on Yahoo, Overstock, Blujay, IOffer and more that will bring customers to YOU and put your selling name on the search engines double, triple, quadruple and more!

ETSY looks like it could work and it needs time to get in the engines.

I'm thinking of putting some items up on ETSY when schools out this summer just to spread myself out a bit more.

I can NOT wait for Auctiva to get an ecrater type venue going..I'll be on that like white on rice, too.

I'm also going to work on my real web store and have all the others going, too.

With eBay stock down and's best to spread oneself out.

Have your links EVERYWHERE to your sales..that puts them more into search engines. If you send emails, have your links. Buy a box of business cards and tack them up where it's allowed. Put them in with your packages along with a nice note.

There are free web hosting sites that will get your name out there on search engines, too.

All of these have templates, fill in the blanks, click, click and voila, done. It's not that you might actually be selling from the sites (and you might) it's the fact that your name and product gets out on the internet search engines.

Good Luck,

Suthrnjewl<-------making a note to buy her daughter some more of your earrings
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