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How does the Auctiva store update?

I've noticed on a few occassions that when I manually change a listing on ebay, for instance I change a perfume store listing to a set of dishes, the store window doesn't update? - or if it does, I've noticed that the title will be correct, but the gallery photo that scrolls by is of the perfume and not the dishes....AND I've deleted the perfume photo from Auctiva so I would think that the pix wouldn't be available any longer.

...or is it because I've merely just copied the new template html into the auction...because when I'm in ebay...I'll delete the old template html only..not the html for the window....template tags normally start with <table width="95%"...blah, blah, blah...> so I know where the templates start and stop.

So, all-in-all, I guess what I'm asking is, does Auctiva not *import* or *update* or *sync* or whatever with ebay listings so as to be current with your actual items?

I hope that all made sense.... Eek

Kathleen Smile
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