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Reply to "How to "embed" a video or audio file"

Mike, I can probably answer some of my own questions here. I went to have another close look at the image uploading situation.

So, your image uploader is STRICTLY that: for uploading ONLY images. When you choose any of the 3 uploaders, the only files that come up for you to choose from are STRICTLY image files.

So, it would appear that one would need to host the audio or video file on some other website.

Now, when a listing containing pictures is posted to eBay, if those pictures are hosted on Auctiva, one would normally select the option of Auctiva being the default host of those pictures.

For the SAME listing, can there be a "split-hosting" ? That is, somethings (like pictures) being hosted by Auctiva & some other special files (like audio or video) being hosted by some other website?

OR is it totally one or the other?

Thanxx again.
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