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How to get Image Mouse Over AND Click to Enlarge on ebay listings

I have noticed for quite awhile that ebay has under their pictures. "Mouse over image to zoom" function under their images, then box shows that says "mouse here to zoom in" and you can move that to area you want to zoom you can see through that box or to right there is a larger box you can view from. They also have "click to view larger image and other views." At first I was not sure I liked mouse over. The more I use it I love it it shows things like hounds tooth check, tweed, any check, small prints and even on solid shows color on color lines in great detail. I am sure a great selling I have bought quite a few items after using mouse over to check detail prints that I would not have purchased based on the click to enlarge as it does not fine tune the pattern.

Added bonus, with this we would not need as many close up photos, as person could mouse to see detail from the larger photo. Time is money and this is time saver one or two less photos to take, edit and submit. Which also saves our allotted photos for more item rather than extra close ups to see detail.

Auctiva, How do we get the mouse over function to work on our ebay listings???? Is this a setting I need to change???

This part is very fuzzy in my brain and may not be accurate, I skimmed old forums and could not find.

It very vaguely seems this may have been discussed at some point with a new feature auctiva put out, but seems you had to click then another window opened to enlarge to get it to work which if I remember was not a hit mainly if I remember because the open window was a wait and seemed it was very off balance or something. This is very foggy, an this part may not be accurate.

Here is a random listing of another seller that you can do both on, BEST example is last photo. You can really see what the tweed looks like, and can see the fibers in photo, when you mouse it. Also, notice the printing on the tag in last can actually read the print and really get feel for fabric in last photo.

In case you are in doubt, I like it, I LOVE it!! I want it!! Smile
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