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Reply to "How to get Image Mouse Over AND Click to Enlarge on ebay listings"

Just talked to ebay...(arg) quite extensive run around.

They checked several of my listings again.
lst reason, mine are not in categories which allow zoom feature. Not the case and I showed them same category that has it and had them go to it.

2nd story. They said, that my photos not correct size. I checked sizes in auctiva and if auctiva site is correct they are correct size. (they told me 500 x 500 but that 1,000 looks best).

3rd I need to add value pack...asked how to do that that I have picture pack, he said, same thing and verified that I have that.

Many others after that.

ALTHOUGH on some of mine the click to enlarge appears not to be working either, he said because they are too small. One that one in particular the images are in 1024 x 800 and up range.

So apparently somewhere between auctiva and ebay the photos are being dumbed up. One they show in the 200 range and I doubt seriously I would load anything that range. Plus I checked the one they specifically said and it was way over that.

Now, again, going to technical support and guy assured me he would call me on Friday after getting answer from technical team.

Auctiva???? Any thoughts???? We are monkeys in middle again???

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