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Reply to "How to get Image Mouse Over AND Click to Enlarge on ebay listings"

W@W!!!! "PATTYCYN" you are the man...oh, woman!!
I could never think straight enough to do all of this much less write it!!!

Jose Mimi....can you post a couple of your listing links that previously had the zoom??? NOT for me or because I don't believe you....but so that auctiva will be able to SEE that at one point they had them and something has gone HAYWIRE. Yes, they could go into your account...but.....if here it is easier for them to see without searching far.

Frankly, for myself I do not know that they ever had them with random search 3 months back I could not find any that did have it.

I did just get the promised call back that I waited on yesterday. unfortunately, I missed call as was not expecting it today. But they left message.

They said, technical support got back with them and it is size issue. Apparently my images are hitting ebay in the 200 range, though auctiva site shows they are right sized (not all are, but the ones ebay and I discussed are.

**************Auctiva...THIS IS URGENT!!! HOLIDAY SHOPPING IS AROUND THE CORNER!!!**************

****Figuring, 30 day list cycles. that is only 3 cycles maybe 4 for depending on dates you start. That is NOT much!!! **************

WHY would anyone want to buy from us, when they can see the fine detail on other items but not on ours!!

This has been a true deal breaker for me on buying things lately. I am able to zoom in and look at details on will surely be deal breaker for others during holiday!!

Auctiva...seems if you can get on the ebay Radio to celebrate 14 years, you would have someone you could go to that could get to bottom of this quickly!!! Also, seems a 14 year relationship there would be someone, a human that is the "TO GO" person in ebay.

My OPINION is this is a MUST for holiday selling!!!! We have to be able to compete with others who are listing similar items.

Other members???? Is zoom working on your listings?????

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