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Reply to "I cannot log onto Auctiva AT ALL"

This has happened before and on a weekend...and it was HUGE problem no one had anywhere to go to report. Phone support is extra $$ and from what I have been told it is NOT worth the extra $$'s (this is part of larger plan) Never tried it so not sure...but ...

Guess we will see if as posted on recent blog:

When the Auctiva site goes down or is unable to communicate with the eBay API, our customer support team and technicians move quickly to respond to support cases as well as get the site back up and running the way it was designed to.

Our Customer Support manager, Mike Davies, is never far from his cell phone, even while he’s away from the office, just in case an Auctiva support issue comes up that his team would need his input.

Mike....I think they need you???

There are also posts on facebook about this...sure wish those folks would participate here too!!! So that everyone is on same lovely page...(I KNOW....SOME do....others use that for support because honestly sometimes answers are faster there)
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