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Reply to "I cannot log onto Auctiva AT ALL"

Some of the members said they could not get support at all?

IF we can not file a support can we report problem if we do not pay for phone support and I do not think most of us have that service.

Am wondering.....WHEN this happens again, and I have asked this after EVERY OUTAGE, issue, etc. how do we report? How do we know auctiva is aware there is a problem? As in this case there was nothing on forums from auctiva for quite a few hours.

We think these things will not happen again...that is pretty optimistic and I am a realist. Every site has issues, this site has had its down issues several times as have others. There was problem, nothing was noted on forums to indicate that support KNEW there was a problem??? People are scrambling around, chasing their tail, thinking it is just their problem.

I thought last time we were told forums would be updated when there was an issue like this so that we knew that auctiva techs were aware of the problem were trying to get it resolved.

Site was updated, AFTER issue was apparently resolved, so left quite a few people in limbo-land for quite awhile.

I notice facebook rep from auctiva said this was a 3 minute outage on several peoples comments??? From what I understand it was quite a bit longer than 3 minutes...for some it was hours.
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