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Reply to "I didn't know that you could pay for US shipping and switch to international in paypa"

Originally posted by Auctiva Rebecca:
Wow, that's pretty sneaky. Why on earth is that even allowed?

I wonder if they legitimately forgot to update their address or if they are trying to pull a fast one.

Keep us posted about how you handled the situation and how the buyer responds--it could be helpful to others in the future.

Hope it works out for you in the end Smile

I sent him a email stating that I would ship to the winning address unless he wanted it to go to Canada and it would cost $9.00 more.

To keep it light I offered to add a gift note if he wanted it to go to Canada.

He sent me the $9.00 but said he couldn't understand why I can't ship to the US address.

Now I was really confused. Confused

So I said I would send it where he wanted (since I had the 9.00)

It turns out he was logged in on his girlfriends eBay account but paid with his PayPal account which is verified in Canada.

He wanted it to go to the US so I changed the address on the label and sent the $9.00 back.

All is well and everyone is happy. Nothing sneaky.

I added a couple of packs of hooks to keep him happy.

We learn something new everyday. Smile
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