Reply to "I receive a warning every time I list an item"

Hi- just want to file support request.. and this is posted on there.


We have received reports from several users indicating that they are receiving API warnings such as the following when listings are posted through our site:

"This is what it says: Old discount tag ApplyShippingDiscount cannot be used with new discount. Use ShippingDiscountProfileID and/or InternationalShippingDiscountProfileID as required under ShippingDetails."

This message is just an indication from eBay that they will soon be changing the format in which shipping discount information must be submitted to them. Our engineering team is aware of this upcoming change and will have the necessary adjustments made in time.

As long as the shipping discount information you have specified is reflected on your active eBay listings, you can safely ignore this warning message for the time being. If the shipping discount information you are selecting is not making it to eBay, please let us know by filing a support case.


Hope this helps.

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