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Reply to "I take it Auctiva Employees DON'T WORK ON WEEKENDS??"

i spoke with mike on the phone a few times late last year to fix that mess as i was having issues with my current auctiva account because i had multiple accounts for multiple ebay accounts and i think mike deleted or deactivated all the "extra" auctiva accounts.

i have 3 ebay accounts and i have 3 auctiva accounts.

sell-it-now is (was) my main ebay/auctiva account.

i'm in the process of not using that account any longer and am wanting to switch back to my buy-it-now_auction-express ebay account.

i also have a beautiful-in-pink ebay/auctiva account that i don't use.

do we need to close/deactivate the current eleganthomebykml (or buy-it-now) account and start over?

that's fine if we do as i haven't created any listings in this account yet, i'm just copying the html from my sell-it-now listings and changing it manually in my buy-it-now listings. a pain, but it's what i have to do until we can fix this...

please help me!
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