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Reply to "I've opened an ebay store invite!"

Originally posted by Little1:
I took a look and I think you're store is cute. However, I think your shipping is going to scare a lot of people away!! There is no way most people are going to pay $8.95 to ship an infant/toddler dress that costs you less than $2 to ship.
I think this charge will drastically affect your sales!!
you might want to go to Ebay's Community boards and go to the children's clothing board. They have a TON of helpful info and you can have them look at your store and help you out!!

Thank you for your response and your visit to my store. Yes, one purchase in a Shipping Promotion - such a one little dress - would be insane to buy...but the promo is for folks looking to load up on items and still only pay $8.95 shipping no matter how many items they buy! Usually, if someone does only win one item, I will lower their shipping and handling cost by half in most cases. Again, many thanks for your comments. Appreciated!
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