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Reply to "Influx of No-Pay bidders, anyone?"

Originally posted by Foxfyre33:
I've been selling for about a year now, and I'd never had a nonpaying bidder until now, and I get slapped with three in the last month, in addition to not receiving two items I had to file claims for!

Anyone else having unusual amounts of trouble with this sort of thing?

In a related note, do you forbid/place a condition on buyers with 0 feedback?


Tis the season for newbies...honest. It happens this time of the year for me and follows through till after tax checks are spent.

They think if they bid and want to back out that it's problem. Well, it is a problem with me.

I've been selling since 97 and the last two years are the worst batch of new buyers I've ever seen. (proud owner of 4 eBay IDs)

They are more demanding, rude and plain out and out..gosh, brash to say the least.

My problem with them is this...if you buy something from or or would you question their means of shipping or ask them to drop their shipping rate or would you question why they are charging you ten dollars for shipping when you know the item costs 5.00 bucks with d/c. go to the site, buy an item and pay them. And know what? If the item comes and you're not happy..You the buyer have to pay to have it shipped back to them on commercial sites and also a restocking fee if it's in the seller's agreement.

Once I hit them with a NPB and an explanation that I have to pay fee's for their bid...they never knew that. So I explain how not only am I out the money I should've made on the auction, but another buyer could've bought the item and I'd have my money, plus I have a charge from eBay for their non paying bid. Normally I do receive payment. But I have no qualms about filing NPB.

Next question: Items not arriving...
It's an advertised scam out there on the internet...stating you didn't receive an item and then badgering your seller to refund charges. It's in a very popular ebook that's out there for purchase. The buyer gets the merchandise, especially when the seller is new, they claim they never received, new seller worries for negative feedback and refunds total (even though a threat of a negative is grounds for NARU most sellers don't know this). Then the buyer can turn around and sell the item himself on eBay. Delivery confirmation is a gotta gotta on all Paypal purchases as far as I'm concerned. As long as you mail a package to a confirmed mail address with Paypal, they should stand behind you.

I don't have any restrictions for buyers with zero feedback. <shrug> Some of my finest return buyers were newbies to eBay and I'd hate to think that just a little bit of hand holding and patting them on the back to make their first buy successful is enough for me not to have that restriction. But if you're having that problem, Heck yeah, I'd put it that restriction on in a New York minute. Never hurts to try.

Good luck and Happy New Year!
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