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Reply to "Insurance Fees"

Originally posted by Michael Recycle:
When I set my insurance settings to required, Listing states included. Then the invoice adds the Insurance price to shipping blatantly. Very misleading to the point I will not offer it any more. My business depends on feedback, if I am misleading customers I will get reamed. Now I have to write to all my customers, revise all invoices for a couple weeks. Thanks Alot Auctiva scam

Michael, if you've set your insurance to required on Auctiva, it will show as required with the amount you've inserted into the box. This is true when you use a flat rate shipping option.

When you use calculated shipping, there is no box to insert an amount. However, it still will not state that it is included unless that is what you've chosen and told it to state. How it shows up in your auctions or store listings is how YOU have the options selected.

If it doesn't appear how it should, did it not even cross your mind that you may need to file a support ticket through Auctiva to find out what the problem is??? NO!! Instead you accuse Auctiva of being scammers. Bad on you!!!

You think you're the only one that your business depends on feedback? If you're misleading your customers and get reamed, it's not Auctiva's or anyone else's doing. If you have to write all your customers and revise your invoices, it's because of settings you have chosen, not Auctiva or anyone else. If you allow it to go through and stay a mess without following through and using the proper channels offered and readily available to you, just like they are to any of us, it's not Auctiva's or anyone else's doing. It's all on you, no matter who you choose to 'blame'.

Accusing Auctiva of scamming indeed! Hah! Then you go start another thread (I hope none of the volunteers here ever respond to that thread!) and you expect to get the help you need after such a 'blatant' accusation... Methinks you may need to wake up and smell the coffee dude! Mad
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