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Insurance is not being calculated automatically in my auctions...

Does anyone remember if insurance was automatically calculated for you when listing on eBay, regardless of flat or calculated shipping charges? I thought I remember the site doing that before and I know that I set up the insurance charges for different price value ranges.

I asked eBay and they told me that it only does it when you use the shipping calculator for determining S&H and not with flat rate charges. It used to work for me on my listings with flat rate shipping, but they said that it never was able to do that. Of course, this would be the easiest way to answer if you don't want to look into it (aka: lazy). Red Face

For what I sell most, flat rate shipping is what the majority of sellers use and what I have always been using and it worked for me before. I set the insurance based on my starting price, so it is fair. Then I have to change it accordingly in the invoice...that is if I am able to before they send their payment.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

CJACKC COLLECTIBLES eBay userid: cjackc
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