Reply to "Insurance Pricing --need to delete it---help"

Originally posted by lookandbuyme:
Does anyone know if we can revise profiles in BULK on ACTIVE listings so it fixes autiva and ebay listings in one swoop???? Of course I have ins. blurbs on profiles that now need to be removed on most listings.

Also, is thee a way to fix ship rates to show insurance included with BULK edit for ACTIVE listings so it does in one swoop??

ALSO.. .if you fix say duation on bulk LIVE how long will it take to show up on ebay??? anyone know. Also, in our saved listings will it show up??? If so is that immediate change??? Asking because I can't see my changes showing up.

Thanks anyone who may be willing to help me.

As i known the setting will change after 2-3 hours. Hope your problem being settle.

About the bulk edit i not sure about it. FOr what i do just edit in the listing live thrue..
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