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Reply to "Is eBay Manipulating its Search Engine?"

Yep...they're definitely manipulating searches.

I have majorly killer days and then zippoh.

Now from previous years of selling, I do know that the summer drops big time in sales. It's why I take summers off from my other three IDs. But this is the most screwy summer I can remember..there is very little consistency to my sales.

Even my stats of showing how visitors find my items is soooo very different than in years past. My stats showing where my visitors come from are off...and majorly different than anytime in the past seven plus years. My previous seven plus years of selling...buyers mainly used the same key words to find my items plus I used to get scads coming from outside eBay searches...very few now.

I'm like Steve in that my stats are just out of whack!

(By the way Steve, Got your message and will answer in full later..lost cable modem for the first time in 3 plus years and I'm on OMG dialup with graphics turned off <blech>Wink

Gotta run! How'd this poll turn out at our other forum Magie?

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