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Reply to "Is there a way for me to sell this?"


I can guarantee you I'd be calling one of my buds whose a police captain ASAP.

I know..I know..what's the local police have to do with this? Nuttin. But I guarantee Bill would at the very least have someone from bomb squad at my house to pick the darn thing up ASAP.

Did anyone see the 60 minutes. 20/20, Dateline or one of those shows? It was in regards to a subdivision in Texas where a whole subdivision was built on buried missiles? NEW subdivision!

A neighborhood full of young parents with children. I.E., swingsets, bikes, skateboards, etc.

The neighborhood looked like a ghost town. Nobody would let their children outside (of course) to run and play.

Lots of bombs were found and are still being found underneath the foundations of the homes, etc. Some of the bombs were live and some weren't.

Can you just imagine how fearful you would be every day?

Needless to say...there are lawsuits against the builder. Such a sad situation.

I digress....

To heck with figuring out who to call..just call somebody. Even if it's the local fire department...they can figure out who and what department should deal with this.

Good Luck and keep us apprised,
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