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Reply to "Is there a way for me to sell this?"

Originally posted by EFLORES949:
Yeah huh. I shoud try hitting the tip at 200 meters away with my 9mm. I'll be there all day long. Thanks for the tip on detonating it though. I am considering it now--I think it would make for a cool show. I live in Arizona so there's a lot of open land around in the desert where it could be done. If it's not a live one then it will make for a poor show though.

Take your camera and get some pics for we "gawkers."

I'm bout as dumb as dirt when it comes to this kinda bang bang stuff. It was finally explained to me to where I put two and two together a few years back that a magazine goes into the gun. Heck when magazines were talked about, I thought it was like my monthly subscription to Southern Living. <big smile>

Get some pics of the ka-boom for us!

Good luck,
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