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Reply to "Issues using Auctiva with Cassini - eBay's new search engine."

Hello Community,

We have no reason to believe that our templates (or any 3rd parties templates for that matter) will cause issues with the new search engine. We have not been told by eBay that they would, and the fact that our listings are still being found at the top of best match search results attests to that.

Hugh Williams, VP of Experience, Search, and Platforms at eBay, has given many interviews and webinar presentations about Cassini. He was asked specifically if the HTML in templates would hurt a listing's visibility in search, and he said that the search engine strips out HTML and only looks at the actual content in the description.

Many of our sellers do not use templates in their listings and haven't for years, so that is always an option--no one is forced or made to feel obligated to use our templates. We will save your listing information as always, for as long you have an account with Auctiva.

As Mike D. and others have pointed out previously, we do support eBay's gallery images, and that option can be found on the one-page lister in the image section.

If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to file a support case and our team will reply to you as soon as possible.

Thank you & happy selling!
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