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Reply to "Issues using Auctiva with Cassini - eBay's new search engine."

Forgive my naiveté but you seem to be having a bad day by the number of things you listed in your attack

I have read about Cassini but have not comprehended that having a template is a bozo no-no.

Lastly, I admit to not having all the posts memorized, do we know if Auctiva has said whether they will or won't support this.

Below is from the link you so graciously supplied. It appears as even eBay will not support the business polices everywhere. In fact the 2 listing services on eBay would be the ones I (and others) would use. Unlike you I have not researched what you sell or do not sell as it interests me not a whit. However, please refrain from always attacking people. We are trying to have people participate and your vitriol drives them away.

thank you in advance for you attention to this disturbing trend.

From eBay

"Will the business policies be available in all selling tools?

Business policies will be available in the following selling tools and on-site forms:

Sell Your Item form
Revise Your Item form
All Bulk Listing Management flows
Turbo Lister
File Exchange
Some participating third-party selling applications. Please contact your third-party application provider for more information.
Business policies functionality will not be supported within the following on-site listing forms, which are used primarily by sellers to list items one at a time. (If you are listing and managing multiple items at once, consider using one of the tools listed above):

Simple listing form
New listing form "
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