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Reply to "It's Here! $.15 listing day"

Two store hikes last year was enough for me.

Yep..I would almost bet my last dollar that eBay will up fees. <blech>

I closed one store last year and retired 2 IDs and I don't wanna have to close another store AND retire another ID.

I have 6 eCrater stores which do well, but nothing compared to what I see from eBay. I hate, hate, hate when they raise fee's.

I still wish Auctiva would give us ecrater type stores with html and more capacities such as Google checkout.

Oh well, I can dream, can't I?

UK gets more notice than we do.

That's why I state to the members to have a folder ready of auctions ready to go at the last minute when eBay SPRINGS a sale on us.

Numbers are majorly fluctuating on PSU.

Here's the link for the PSU/Powersellersunite numbers we're talking about. It's a great site with maybe not up to the minute numbers but it's a great gauge of the happenings at some of the other auctions sites along with eBay.

Happy New Year!
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