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Reply to "It's Here! $.15 listing day"

I have to disagree ljnicosia...this is traditionally one of my best times as a buyer and seller on eBay for several reasons.

Folks are auctioning or buy it now gifts that they didn't want. I.E., I collect certain Fitz & Floyd Santa items and and alot of persons get those as Christmas gifts. Also I'm fond of Demdaco Willow Tree items.

Rather than take them back to the store for a store credit and only receive the marked down price as a refund...lots will sell on eBay for the going price and more.

Also, Consider all the new with tags (nwt) clothing items that persons don't want and turn around and sell on eBay for great costs.

This is traditionally a VERY good time for sellers.

Think about all those deals you're snarfing up at stores and then see if they're selling on eBay for more.

Ok as an example...Here's a free tip for everyone...Moon Sand. I found it at my Wal-Mart no problems $3.97.

But alot of stores are sold out and they are selling on eBay. I don't know how long this is going to keep being at this high of a price..but there's one fine example right there.

Here's another I found in the clearance bin of a local store. $1.99 my price, new never opened with tags.

Good Luck,
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