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Java uploader "allow access to the following application"

I get this error message every time I use the uploader:

Title: "Security Warning"

"Allow access tot he following application from this web site?

Web Site:

Application: com.auctiva.uploader.image.AuctivaIm ...
Publisher: Auctiva Corporation

This web site is requesting access and control of the Java application shown above. Allow access only if you trust the web site and know that the application is intended to run on this site."

Buttons: "Allow" and "Do Not Allow"

I am running Java 7 Update 45. I understand this is some sort of certificates issue and it cannot be solved without the help of the company you outsource your uploader to, and that is fine. But is there any way I can use the old uploader while creating listings? I do not want to have to bulk upload and the candy pick the images for that listing because my items are visually similar and I need to sort them by folders. Or if you could pay a company that uses Flash to support your Chrome and Firefox uses that would be even better. Java is always a problem with everybody. Or maybe HTML5? All these would be good things.... Thanks.
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