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Jim Cramers take on Ebay today

"Next, taking a look at eBay, Cramer said the company's e-commerce business is not doing well, and its online auction business is seeing slowing growth because of saturation.
Not only is the sector bad, but it is also not cheap for its group, when comparing it with Yahoo! (YHOO - commentary - Cramer's Take), Cramer said eBay's management is in denial and unable to recognize what's wrong with the company. Additionally, the future for the company looks pretty bleak, as Internet stocks have no defenses, Cramer said.
After performing the diagnostic test, Cramer said he would sell some eBay now. However, he said he would not sell all of it at once, because snap-back rallies do occur. "

This is Jim Cramers take on Ebay today from his CNBC show "Mad Money". Any of this sound familiar?

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