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Listing Auctiva notifications

IF you have shoe listings that are older check your auctiva notifictions. I noticed I had lot of shoe ones dropping HEEL height appaently for quite awhile now as unless it is a total failure I rarely check.

Come to find out ebay changed heel height from " to "in."

Therefore heel heights are being totally dropped when relisting from saved page.

After speaking with ebay rep was told that the transition was carried over using their system if you list through them...but auctiva system did not do this. There is no fast change you have to go into each listing and do.

Then to top it off...Auctiva manages to scramble the order.

Auctiva, WHY scramble order??? (this is same when listing from ipad but IN ALL AREAS makes ipad useless for listing through your ap if you list in lots of categories)

I guess I do not understand HOW much more diffcult it would be to put things in same identical order ebay has them. Seems you could open an ebay selling page and get this? I just can't imagine doing your own thing being easier.

Please, please please USE ebay as guide when doing categories, sub-categories, etc. CONSISTENCY between the two would be GREAT!! Especially for people just starting to use auctiva system.

Ebay DOES not need to comply to auctiva system, auctiva needs to be same as ebays.
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