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Reply to "listing does not contain complete template"

Originally posted by Capt. Binghamton:

I think it was when ye switched to design-view what done it.

Then again, maybe not.

It seems to me that Auctiva is using the following code to try and call up their border gif's:

<img src="../

This doesn't work on domains outside of At least, I don't think it does. Though I'm not sure of the mechanics of it all, or why they wrote it that way.

So in your listing I changed all the instances of that code to <img src=" and that seemed to clear up the trouble.

This is a problem that should be pointed out to Auctiva I guess, unless I'm way off base.

I can change those other two listings for you, and give you the corrected code if you like.

And thanks for the offers. I'm a reformed wife reformed me 30 years ago! So an O'Doul's is about as strong as it gets around here...harr!

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