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Reply to "Listing keeps losing formatting"

Originally posted by SickPuppy:
I tried that but still doesn't work right. Usually there will only be a piece here and there that kept the formatting. I finally gave up on my last one last night and loaded it up to ebay since it was getting late and was going to just try revising it & fixing it there. After I loaded it up & looked at it on ebay it looked fine...strange.
Yeah you'd think they'd fix the problem by now especially since it's been going on for quite awhile.

I'm just going to throw this out as I have not had the problem with over 600+ listings.

I use a custom template so I am wondering if it could be the template that you are using?

Have you tried a different one?

Also what browser and what operating system?

I am only guessing as I have never had this problem.
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