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Reply to "Listing removed by eBay"

Originally posted by JeffS:
Here are some of my highlight takedowns that never made any sense to me:

I had a listing cancelled for selling a copy of "Mien Kamph" in engligh. Reason: promotes Nazism and hatered. At the time of takedown there were 15 exact copies of the book running, all went to completion. I waited 6 weeks, listed again and it sold to a library in the mid-west. My feeling: a seller (a "snitch") made a complaint to safe harbour to get competition 'removed' from the running. I have had this happen before.

I was selling my Wife's old Weight Watcher's materials. VERO takedown. "You are not allowed to sell ANY Weight Watcher's materials, even if you previously owned them. This includes books, points systems, any and all materials". I wrote Weight Watcher's a nasty letter and they replied with 'fine print' by mail. Never again buy another product of theirs.

I had a Barbie doll taken down years ago. I can't remember the reason, but it was stupid. I threw the doll away.

I had a set of Playboy drink Swizzlers taken down because they were "adult items" and should have been listed in the adult catagory along with all the sex toys and videos. Right... I was told the mere mention of "Playboy" makes it an adult item regardless of what it is. Right, a plastic stick with a bunny head on top - yea, that's adult all right. This was when I was foolish enough to try to reason with somebody. I relisted in a few weeks in the same catagory and they sold.

I'm sure I could think of more, equally as stupid. Remember 'eBay Stupidity"? That's another thread.
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