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Reply to "Listing removed by eBay"

ok I am account was just susspended and this is what they say

"Dear inspired_by_designer,

We regret to inform you that we have suspended your account for violating eBay's Trademark Misuse Policy.

Misuse of brand names, trademarks, and logos is both illegal and against eBay policy. This includes inappropriate comparisons to a branded item, selling counterfeit or replica items, and keyword spamming.

If you wish to have us consider reinstating your account" BLA BLA BLA
now here is a copy of the wording in my auction:
"8 X 5

Thank you for coming to my auction.

8 x 5
DESIGNER INSPIRED Pouchette is enriched with the feminine, carefree spirit of the Multi Colored Monogram canvas. Ideal for casual days in the city. Please also take a look at my other items. If you do not see what you need, Please ask me for it.

Why pay $400.00 for this bag when you can get an INSPIRED_BY_DESIGNER bag for almost 1/10 that.

These bags, as with all my bags are very well crafted. They feature leather piping. The exterior of the bag is also leather with exquisite craftsmanship. These are high quality bags and I guarantee the quality of EVERY BAG SOLD BY INSPIRED_BY_DESIGNER!" I also offered a guarantee:
" Refunds/Returns
For your peace of mind, in the unlikely event you are unhappy with your item; I offer a full refund on the cost of the item, no questions asked! The item must be returned unused with the original wrapping/tags etc. within 7 days of receipt. Buyer is still responsible for shipping in both directions.

Additional Information
Positive feedback is always left once payment has been received. If you are unhappy with any aspect of the sale, please contact me to resolve any issues/concerns.

Thank you for your interest in this item and good luck bidding on this amazing bargain!!"

Also included were three pictures that were taken of the product specificaly not of the Genuine bag. There is another "company" that is selling these same items and they have several for sale with the same basic description I had. I am furiouse because I have first hand knowledge of people sell my bags as "genuine" and yet those auctions remain untouched by anyone at EBay. These bags are inspired by Louise Vuitton.
I also have a tracker for hits on each one of my items and no one hit the item which tells me they were removed without being seen!
Did I mention I am Pizzed?
sorry for the rant but if anyone has any ideas on what I should do next I am all ears/eyes.
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