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Reply to "Listings are not transferring over to eBay correctly"


Still no resolution.
Now Support is totally ignoring the transfer problem because the words "Gallery Image" were included as part of the issue.
Now that is all they seem to read or talk about and of course it is an "eBay issue" according to them but them they also keep saying they cannot see anything unless I leave the listing up without correcting it.
SO how do they know it is an eBay issue when they say they are unable to see anything because the posted listings were fixed.

They are also totally ignoring the whole transfer issue or that it is changing the shipping and payment option and they still want me to leave the listing up incorrectly.....risking someone purchasing the items and ME having to pay the shipping.
My local pick up item are local pick up for a reason...they are hugely expensive to ship. Hundreds and even as much as over a thousand dollars.....and I cannot afford to take those kinds of hits and so far Auctiva has not volunteered to pay the shipping if they get purchased since they want me to leave up listings that have been changed to say free shipping during the transfer.

Understand I am not posting this to cause drama but as this is fairly normal in getting issues resolved and this is a perfect example of why people are getting so angry with these issues.

It has been days now and and now it is all about getting support back to the original issue since they have decided to only focus on the gallery images and blaming eBay.

This is costing me unnecessary time and money and I do have other things to do besides trying to get support to focus on the whole issue and not setting me up to lose hundreds of dollars by leaving up incorrect listings....which is just not going to happen.
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