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Reply to "Lost item"

Originally posted by scholartime:
According to my post office, in theory it would be scanned at the time of actual delivery but in practice it is scanned when it leaves (OR arrives at) the post office.

I have had 2 packages lost out of 2500. I had extras so I resent the book for just the cost of the s/h fee. The buyers were happy to pay it and I was happy to oblige.

If I had paid for DC on all those packages, I would have spent way more than I 'lost' by resending an extra book. It's a business decision each person has to make and it depends on many factors unique to each person's situation.

I'm glad the jeans 'showed up'.

Our mailman walks from house to house, and I have seen him scan packages before putting them into my mail box. The scanner is a little hand held thing about the size of a video cassette, maybe smaller, and he clicked on it with a stylus, then put my package into the mailbox.

(I'll bet he is not happy having to do that each time he has a "delivery confirmation" package. No doubt the additional work slows down his delivery time)
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