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Reply to "messy business"

I get majorly burnt out at least once a month.


I know zactly what you're talking about..both of you!

Want confusion? Moving out of one home to another with all this eBay stuff. All the time trying to not go bonkers!

When we bought this house almost 3 years ago and I had to not only move my household and everything in it. Besides, our home contents, the children, dog, etc etc I had to deal with the eBay stuff. Including all the boxes, envelopes, bubble wrap, etc...and think bout the items...OH MY GOSH!

I had auctions I was selling, items waiting for payment, items not put up for auction, items pics had been taken, items with no pics, items with notations on them (sticky notes) and more. And I wouldn't let anybody mess with my eBay stuff because I knew where everything was.

It was INSANE! (and it got worse, ha)

Shortly after moving into this home, I became ill for well over a year and a half. I was depleted of energy and had side-effects from medicines and medical procedures that were majorly wicked. I could barely move from room to room much less get everything organized.

I FINALLY after almost 3 years in this home have it situated except two closets in an out of the way corner of the house. The doors stay closed until I can get to it. One is stacked from top to bottom with rubbermaid storage containers. With items separated, mens, womens, children, lingerie, video's, books, albums etc. The other closet, I HAVE to get to...transfer those items into the other rubbermaid containers so I can have everything in one place and not two. This will come during the summer as it's a slower time on eBay and I'll get everything ready for the fall.

I FINALLY have a spot set up in the garage with four compartmentalized shelfing units. I have a place set up for wrapping with all of the items in one place, envelopes, boxes, paper, tape, etc. (even though it doesn't matter how many pairs of scissors I buy, they always get lost)

Yes, ma'am, At times I think I'm absolutely positively going ape sh*t crazy with everything. Hubster is real anal retentive and likes everything just so...well, when you're selling on eBay, it's hard to keep a significant other/spouse happy. So he's had to learn to live with it until I could get everything where I want it. He didn't understand that he just can't move everything into one place and expect me to be happy bout it.

When I'm going bazonkers...That's when I walk away...take a breather. Throw my hands up and say, I quit. (for today) I put on some music, dance around the room, throw a stick for the dog to chase, do what makes ME happy, light candles, yoga, EAT chocolate and/or snuggle up with a book.

Here's a pic of one of the closets that I have stuffed to the gills...

If you EVER need a place to vent, come to the boards..feel free to vent away with me.

Been there and Done continuing the saga.


Take care, Donna
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