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Donna did you say ebay room?

We have a back porch that is enclosed with vinyl sliding windows windows - two solid walls and two of the windows. Ac already out there as well as electric.

Well hubby and I talked and were going to close this in for the "baby" room. My baby was 3 in December and he still shares a room with his brother.

At this point they don't want to be seperated so now the last few years the plan is an ebay/office/playroom.

I have big plans for this room, big dreams!

About a year ago he finally got the windows in and its now part of the house and there is no more plastic hung up in the doorway but my nephew has been staying out there for a few months now. The good news is he found his own place and I;m hopeful to get my room sometime this year Smile

I had some better pictures of the room but this is all I could find right now:

Edit to add afew more I found but still not the ones I was looking for:

This is when DH first started on the room:

See how long I have been waiting for this room!
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