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Reply to "messy business"

We moved into our 3BR house, (I guess it would be called a raised rancher) almost 3 years ago. The room that WAS my office area turned into a BR for my son. The basement at one point looked like an 84 Lumber/ebay warehouse. Hubby would pick up wood, cabinets, anything that was discounted from work and bring it home and plop it in the basement. I'm kinda glad we live out in the boonies so people don't visit too terribly often. If its not my family, people usually come to the front of the house to knock, which is a good thing! I don't usually let people in the basement unless I know them. A stranger's first thought would be "this girl has a disease of some sort". My family knows that I sell on ebay and they invented the word "packrat", so my mess doesn't really bother them. Actually, even with all my stuff they still have more crap accumulated than me!

I have bookshelves along 3 of the 4 walls in my basement. One wall is the "community bookshelf" that contains all the books that we use ourselves. The other 2 walls are my inventory. Mostly all my Amazon books and 1 bookshelf of my ebay books I need to list. The floor contains boxlots jutting out here and there from the wall. And I jumped head first into the world of women's clothing, so I have a dummy and a clothing rack filled as well as the closet in my son's room. The laundry room has my postal scale and bubble mailers.

Since day 1 when we moved in, we've been planning to close up the garage (40'X12') and turn it into a BR and an office. Well, we're FINALLY getting it done! We've replaced the windows on the side and filled the spot where the garage door was with a 53" X 60" window and the two swing-out doors at the back with a nice sliding glass door. We must focus on the exterior before the interior because the house is BLUE. I like blue, but not this one. It's a cloudy sky blue, like a grayish blue, dull, BLECH! And to make it worse, ITS EVERYWHERE!!! The porch, the porch furniture, the interior too on the trim, the carpet even the freakin' toilet and tub!!!!!! I had a moment, I'm calm now. It just really doesn't match the new dark brown roof we put on last year!

But once that's done, hubby will start framing out the garage and I pray we will be able to get it all done by the fall.

So, in the meantime, I have to just start getting rid of what I've bought over the winter.
This past week was the first I've listed since Feb.
I lost my motivation and need someone to stick some dynamite up my keester or something.

How are sales for everyone if I might ask? I didn't do too bad this week, but is Memorial Day weekend is coming up so I will probably schedule for Wed/Thurs.

OK. Need some java and get busy!

P.S.--sorry for the rant!
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