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Reply to "messy business"

Originally posted by wahm922:
At this point they don't want to be seperated so now the last few years the plan is an ebay/office/playroom.

I have big plans for this room, big dreams!

I love the swing set you have for the boys out there. And know what? There's nothing wrong with those boys sharing a room cause they don't wanna be separated. They'll talk into the wee hours of the night soon bout all kinds of boy stuff and it'll make for tight bonds between them!

Dreams do come true Danielle! You're married to a good guy and he's gonna do the best in partnership with you that he can.

Some dreams just take longer to happen but they do come true!

What I say you need in that office is a jacuzzi off to the bout you? And you'll need a place to put the margarita, too! And when it's time to clean the jacuzzi out, you'll of course need a cabana boy! <wink>

My Best!!!!!!!
(the eternal dreamer)
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