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Reply to "messy business"

[QUOTE]Originally posted by denverdoni:
Anyone else feel stressed out by the mess of running an ebay business from home? I go through this every couple months, feeling like I have to get control of the house, reorganize and then once I start working and listing again it just explodes.QUOTE]

hmmmmm, I'm right at that point too!!! Stuff everywhere....I feel so guilty when we (husband and I) visit our friends and their front rooms, family rooms and extra bedrooms aren't piled to the ceiling with ebay stuff. Theirs are nice and tidy with cutsy family photos, flower arrangements ... even their kitchens have everything in the right place, plus the aforementioned cutsy photos in equally cutsy handmade frames, etc.

At this time, I am using the Ebay and HiBidder auctions and things are really slow. Someday I would like to have a little website of my own where I could list things and hopefully move some of them. (and not have Ebay take a cut of the profit) But, have to wait until my granddaughter takes "website creation" so she can put something together for me.

I'd like to beg one of those power sellers to be my read about the "man from Fremont, NE who made $30,000 the first month he listed on Ebay" or the "lady who went from a housebound stay-at-home wife who makes zillions selling on Ebay".....if they can do it, so can YOU!!!! Yeh, I pay more in ebay fees than I make selling....thats not paying off at all.

Luckily I have an understanding husband who really enjoys packing up whatever I sell. The first thing he asks when he sees me checking my auctions is "did we sell anything".

Gosh it feels good to vent...

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