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Reply to "messy business"

Originally posted by marciay96:
So we finally just bought a house!! We have been living in a 2 bedroom apartment since moving to NC from NY 8 months ago. We close in about a month and I cannot wait! Of course, now I have to pack up my ebay stuff (mainly clothing so it should not be too bad). We will have an office in the new house and a 16x20 bonus room to hold my goods.

I looked at those pictures of the house with all the unopened boxes. Yes, I want to open them all too!! There are A LOT of people like that out there. My hubby's grandma was very close to being one. She had stuff ALL OVER and when she passed on they literally just threw things into a dumpster. She even had an antique Indian Motorcycle in her garage that was in awesome shape. The family sold it for thousands of dollars to the official museum for those bikes. She use to even store cakes under her never ate ANYTHING when you went to always took HER out. Wink

Lots of luck to everyone this week!

Congrats and best wishes for many years of happiness in your new home!
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