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Reply to "messy business"

Someday I would like to have a little website of my own where I could list things and hopefully move some of them. (and now have Ebay take a cut of the profit) But, have to wait until my granddaughter takes "website creation" so she can put something together for me.

Have you tried eCrater?

Register a domain name you want and then you can FW it to the free store on eCrater. Its easy to do and can wotk like your own website until you get something else.

That is what I'm doing while I build my own website Wink

Also look into VStore, it was posted here recently as well.

I'm pretty much done with ebay, closed both my stores but will run auctions here and there and for the holidays of course but I'm moving away from all the fees. With sales being so slow this time of year, its the perfect time for me to do this!
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