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Reply to "Monitor your DSR Rating"

We are their customers and they treat us like crap.

Are you being treated like crap? eBay has taken to think of sellers vs buyers in a different way. I think that's the key fundamental difference of this new management team.

YES, we the sellers pay the site all the money it makes, we "made it what it is" so to speak, so you'd think we'd be considered their customers, and the ones that should be treated with kit gloves.

But think about it a second. Without buyers, the sellers don't mean much do they? Without sales, All they get would be listing fees, which are only a small fraction of the total fee taken. No sales, no money for the site. So it's in eBay's best interest to generate sales, motivate buyers, Make sure buyers don't leave, don't get screwed, don't talk bad about the site.

Once you calm down about all the changes and look at a bigger picture, you begin to see the method in the madness.

"Has Jeff been drugged?" you are saying. No, and I haven't been given a eBay implant either. Rather than be mad all the time, it was time to try to analyze what's going on and why, and basically that's what I've come up with.

Face it folks, a few bad apples have ruined it for all. I'm referring to bad sellers. The ones that overcharge postage, give retaliatory feedback, give buyers a reason not to come back, and in the process talk badly about eBay to their friends.

Solution? None. Stay here or go someplace else. I'm only trying to explain how I see all these changes. Donna mentioned more changes are coming. We probably won't like them either, or will be shocked by them. One day at a time.
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