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Reply to "Monitor your DSR Rating"

Has Jeff been drugged?" you are saying.

I'm saying YES Wink

Usually I agree with you JeffS but...I can't help but think of all the truly horrible sellers that are allowed to get away with everything because they make the biggest bucks for Ebay. They would be Platinum PSs but they're not because they have so many negs. I asked before if anyone remembered bargainland? Look them up...but they left on their own, the worst I ever saw happen to them was a one day suspension. There's also a very large volume HD dealership that left on their own, but had a terrible track record.

My point were RIGHT to be mad, and you should still be a smaller seller I have to watch every little thing I do for fear of getting buried in the search. The 'big boys' can do whatever they want. 2 sets of rules...

There is no you, I will stay here, my items are selling well, and I just try not to dwell on how much I've grown to dislike Ebay. (Pass your 'Ebay drugs' this way will ya) Big Grin

JMHO Smile
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